celebrating the month of the woman.
this month the world is celebrating women and yet again we are speaking to another inspiring woman; Josephine Philips founder of the sustainable alteration app Sojo.

what female role models did you have growing up and how did they inspire you to do what you do?
i think quite sadly, I didn’t really have many female role models growing up. my mother and grandmother were really important in shaping the woman I wanted to become but from a business sense, I wasn’t taught and didn’t know about strong and successful businesswomen role models. as more and more women start companies, scale companies and run companies, I hope that’s something that will be really different for the next generation.

 what drove you to start your business of clothing alterations and what is your mission?

my mission at Sojo is to have a significant and wide-reaching impact in making the fashion industry more circular by making clothing alterations and repairs effortless and mainstream. what drove me to this mission was really the fight against our current status quo when it comes to fashion – the throwaway culture, the wastefulness, the disregard for the planet and its people. Sojo is about slowing things down and appreciating and our clothes for a lifetime. 




when or how did you develop a passion for sustainability?

i got into sustainable fashion about two years ago. i made a move away from supporting fast-fashion because I realised that it didn’t align with my feminist values- I became aware for how these brands were exploiting and oppressing millions of garment workers (majority of who are women of colour) in their supply chain in order to make those at the top billionaires. from there, I learnt so much more about the environmental impact of fast fashion and how destructive and polluting it is from the very start to the very end of a garment’s life cycle. 



what do you hope to see for the future of luxury?

i think luxury fashion is a great market for adopting circularity in that, inherently the items made are of better quality and are therefore longer lasting. given this, I think it’s a market ripe for set ups like fashion rental, resale, subscription models and even high-end swapping (as well as tailoring and repair of course). i also hope that luxury brands adopt more ethical and sustainable practices throughout their supply chains as despite their high price point, i understand that they also have a lot of work to do in terms of using sustainable materials and ensuring fair and valued labour. 



at worn. we strongly believe that women should support women, always. what other women inspire you today and who do you lean on? 

Sharmadein Reid is an ultimate inspiration to me- she’s tech CEO powerhouse and has a mission of financially empowering women. it’s inspiring to see business success coupled with a foundational mission to do good. 

in terms of who I lean on, my sister is very much a rock in my life – we live together, and we’ll soon be moving into a garage space together which will be our office. i’m grateful that she allows me space to talk about Sojo all the time and she always gives really great advice in terms of me looking after myself as running a business can be really stressful and exhausting. it’s great to have someone look out for my well-being and I’m really grateful to her for that.