celebrating the month of the woman.


this week we interviewed the mastermind behind luxury fashion brand Racil and asked about her female inspirations and influences and how they helped to drive the success of her business. 


what female role models did you have growing up and how did they inspire you to do what you do?

i grew up alone with my mother in Paris. 

It was her and I. she took me everywhere with her. she made me fall in love with fashion, remains my main muse and source of inspiration. 

my maternal grandmother was also very present and quite avant guarde for her generation. both of them are strong women who just knew how to handle any situation; I always looked up to them. both of them are definitely my role models.



what drove you to start your brand and what is your mission?

it was my dream to one day have my own fashion brand, ever since I was 10 years old and my mother took me to a fashion show.

i studied Fashion Design & Marketing and I guess just waited for when the time felt right to take the plunge. 

my mission is to create the luxury brand of the future. one that makes women feel good, positive and confident.


when or how did you develop a passion for sustainability?

 probably from quite a young age when it comes to clothes but I guess we never really thought of it as ‘sustainability’ back then. i used to always wait for my mother to hand me down pieces (and still do!) - those are the most cherished items in my wardrobe. 

with time you realise that if something does no longer work for you, it might work for a friend / a sister / a colleague so pass it on and share the love! it also makes you feel better about buying something new, knowing that just in case you don’t wear it - there is always someone else who will be happy to have it!

when it comes to my brand though- it’s a work in progress still as our industry is very challenging in that aspect. but we are learning everyday in order to make better decisions.



what do you hope to see for the future of luxury?

i hope for the crazy fashion cycle to slow down. for large institutions and brands to stop constantly pushing products on consumers all the time and for everyone to learn how to make better purchases and decisions. treat yourself to luxury but buy less, buy better and wear it forever or pass it on.


at worn. we strongly believe that women should support women, always. what other women inspire you today and who do you lean on? 

i am all about that! We all have to support one another, whether with each other’s businesses or simply every day life... 

 i am blessed to have the most incredible girlfriends that are always here for me & vice versa . they are my support system and my daily inspiration.