celebrating the month of the woman.

this month, the world is celebrating women in all their glory. we are kicking off the month by speaking to the ever-inspiring Jessica Warch, co-founder of sustainable lab grown jewellery brand Kimaï 


what female role models did you have growing up and how did they inspire you to do what you do?

my co-founder Sidney and I have grown up together and been friends our whole lives, so she’s probably the person I look up to most! We were born in Belgium and have been through so many important moments in each other’s lives.

i’m inspired by the creative approach she brings to everything she does, and I couldn’t imagine going into business with anyone else. we balance each other out so well, and it’s why we make great business partners and friends!

my mom is the most important person in my life. she’s always been such a source of light and love, and taught me from a very young age how important it is to be independent and to work hard at building a life you love.

Kimaï earrings
what drove you to start your business of sustainable lab grown diamonds and what is your mission?

growing up in the diamond capital of Antwerp with our families who worked in the industry, we were uniquely familiar with this market and we saw firsthand the joy and memories that a special piece of jewellery can hold.

as we got older, we also saw that there was a lack of transparency with diamond mining--there’s very little traceability in terms of where your diamond comes from and how it got to you, and the effects of mining are known to harm the earth. i’ve always loved jewellery and it’s always been a huge part of my life, so by creating Kimaï  we wanted to make a positive change, one that doesn’t harm the environment or mean we need to trade off on quality or style. our mission is to reimagine the fine jewellery industry for the modern world, and one way we do that is by uniquely using responsibly-made lab diamonds and ensure transparency each step of the way.
Kimaï rings
when or how did you develop a passion for sustainability?
i’m not sure there was any one moment, but rather something I realised was important to me over time. i became much more independent when I moved to London, and started paying more attention to things like where and how the clothes I bought were made, or what ingredients were in my skincare. i started educating myself a lot, because I realised how important my own impact was and that was something I could choose to improve.

sustainability and social impact is really important to Kimaï as a business, and although we’re not perfect, I’m proud of what we’re doing in this area and know that we’re improving and learning how to be better every day.
Kimaï Ring And Necklace
what do you hope to see for the future of luxury?
i hope that being a sustainability, responsible, and thoughtful business that serves as a force for good becomes the norm within luxury, and not something that brands use to market themselves differently or to appeal to certain customers. it’s a business imperative for all of us as entrepreneurs to ensure we’re building good, responsible brands for the long-term, and I hope the luxury and fine jewellery markets can continue to drive change so that our entire industry can serve as a solution instead of a part of the issue.

at worn, we strongly believe that women should support women, always. what other women inspire you today and who do you lean on?

there are countless women in my orbit that I’m inspired by and that I can lean on, and I’m so lucky because I’m a better person because of them. i’m inspired by our community of diverse and strong women, and so many of the female entrepreneurs I’ve met while on my own journey who inspire me by sharing their own.