meet the muse. alice jeffrey.

By Kelsey Norris

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favorites? 

i have so many wonderful worn. pieces in my wardrobe. an amazing red mini dress by alexandre vauthiera green gown by ralph lauren, white pom pom shoes by aquazzura and this classic shirt by balenciaga are some of my favourites!

2. pre-loved fashion. why is it important to you?

i used to buy so much high street fashion in bulk and realised that i was only ever wearing most of it once which is terrible for the environment. buying pre-loved fashion helps lower the overall demand for new clothing to be made which therefore reduces environmental impact. i love finding one of a kind pieces that no one else has - your style will look unique without even trying. also it’s great for the purse! 

3. role models. who are the brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards more sustainable futures that are inspiring you lately?

brands: i love pangaia! all of their clothes are made from seaweed fibre and treated with peppermint oil which has an antibacterial effect so therefore prolongs time between each wash.  

role models: greta thunberg, this 17 year old has achieved so much already. one of her accomplishments being that she leads the biggest climate change in history - 4 million people across 161 counties. 

4. changing more than outfits. how are you applying eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle? 

one of my best friends and i are currently creating a sustainable fashion brand “attone”

it is currently in production and launching in the new year. i’m also trying as much as possible to make changes in my day to day life. i have switched all household cleaning products to eco friendly, am big into recycling and only using reusable bags but i still have a long way to go. 

 5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give to our worn. readers interested in buying better?

thank you :)  i have always liked dressing very clean and classic and love getting dressed up for evenings out. i would say to always stay unique to yourself in whatever makes your feel great and comfortable and invest in amazing key pieces which you can wear over and over again and still feel great in seasons later.


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