meet the muse. amy jackson.

By Kelsey Norris 

a project in circularity and sustainable luxury - worn. collaborated with amy and london event florist by pairing one of our favorite pre-loved chanel dresses with a blend of english wild flowers and plant diversity, that amy and her son re-planted after the shoot. 

 amy shines light on educating our future generations on the importance of zero waste.

below we ask our muse what pre-loved means for her and how she practices sustainability in her lifestyle. 


1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favourites?

i don’t even know where to start!? every time i shop at worn. whether it be for a holiday, an event or even just for a browse - i end up leaving with so many fabulous unexpected pieces...
1. my number one buy would be a black tailored balmain blazer. it enhances the most simplest look.
2. the white chanel dress i wore for our sustainability photoshoot.  just like every chanel piece, it’s effortlessly elegant.
3. the handbag selection at worn - everything from new season burberry to classic chanel, the curation and selection is amazing!


2. pre-loved fashion. why is it important to you?

mother earth needs our kindness now more than ever. in the fashion world, the best way to implicate this is to buy pre-loved garments. over the last decade ‘fast fashion’ has soared and the impact has been incredibly detrimental to our planet. one of the ‘plus’ points for fast fashion is the price point, however that means compromising on quality (which basically means after one wash your dress has fallen apart)... pre-loved fashion is the answer to that problem.
to know that i can have high end luxury items that are ethically made, with less chemicals and the best materials at a fraction of the cost is a game changer for me!

3. role models. who are the brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards more sustainable futures that are inspiring you lately?

stella mccartney every time! what i love about stella is that this is a way of life and it’s been implemented throughout her entire career in the industry. being vegan, the morals and ethics behind the choice of cruelty free fabrics and the conscious effort to recycle and re-engineer wool/ cashmere are massively inspiring.

4. changing more than outfits. how are you applying eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle?

i must admit, i’ve become way more conscious about leading an eco friendly lifestyle since i had my son last year - i want to leave this world knowing that i’ve done everything in my power to protect the planet he lives on.
it’s also really important that he’s raised knowing that he has to do his part in life... so from recycling and eliminating plastics at home, to seeing his mum drive an electric car and switching to a vegan diet.

5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give to our worn. readers interested in buying better?

for me, it’s all about timeless classics. to find a vintage piece that nobody can get their hands on is way more satisfying than being a sheep and following the seasonal trends that last a couple of months. style is all about confidence in what you like, own it!!

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