meet the muse. jena goldsack.

By Kelsey Norris

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favorites? 

helmut lang blazer dress - perfect for events or dinners when they start back up again! 

 2. pre-loved fashion. why is it important to you? 

fast fashion is killing the planet and i'm acutely aware that i am part of the industry that is damaging it. i'm quite open to my followers that i only really buy second hand now and encourage against fast fashion. however, i know this isn't necessarily accessible to everyone and fast fashion isn't going anywhere, so we need to try and hold these brands responsible so they can better their companies, ethically and environmentally.

 3. role models. who are the brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards more sustainable futures that are inspiring you lately?  

 i've followed @ayanaelizabeth for a while now - she is a marine biologist, author of the book all we can save and i love listening to her podcast "how 2 save a planet." she breaks things down easily to digest which makes it easy for anyone to listen to, which is helpful as the wormhole of the climate justice world is very overwhelming.

4. changing more than outfits. how are you applying eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle? 

 i'm studying marine conservation and through that you end up learning a lot about what ends up in our oceans, which is not just plastic. everyday items most people don't give a second thought about affects our oceans - from our detergent, washing up liquid, bleach, and toilet paper doused in chemicals! people assume as it's such a small amount it won't affect our oceans but if billions of people are all saying the same thing then this makes a huge difference and it's killing vital marine life that our ecosystem depends on.

 i use ecover for all my household cleaning products now, they are chemical free and i live close by to a refill store so i can use the same bottle throughout. i also get my toilet paper from naked sprout with a box of 40 rolls coming at once, they are made from bamboo and have no damaging chemicals in. i use a pocket sized coffee cup from hunu, and travel with a bamboo set of cutlery. when travelling i carbon offset with one tree planted who plant trees for every $1 donated.


5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give to our worn. readers interested in buying better? 

 go comfy!! i'm all about the baggy shirts and oversized sweaters. i bought a white shirt from worn. which goes with everything from slouchy to dressed up. super easy. 

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