meet the muse. marloes horst.

By Kelsey Norris 

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favourites?

redone jeans, rat and boa dresses, and the new bottega bags!

2. pre-loved fashion. what does it mean for you?

pre-loved is more love! sometimes you forget about the process that was made to make a garment ( which is lots of people gathering for months of designing, adjusting, making samples, production etc) and throwing away seems like such an easy thing to do. of course things go out of style or you are just over it.. with pre-love the labor/fabric/appreciation doesn’t go to waste and allows someone new to fall in love with the same piece all over again. pre-love means togetherness. making the world a better place with sharing your loved pieces and passing them on.

3. role models. what brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards sustainable futures inspiring you lately?

arizona muse is a great example of someone who is aware of the world’s status and is learning from her surroundings and educating her followers along the way. 

4. changing more than outfits. what are some of the ways that you apply eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle?

i definitely started to realize how much plastic i use in my home. especially when doing my shopping i always said yes to a plastic bag and now i make sure i take my own fabric one with me everywhere. i also changed my eating. i stopped eating meat 3 years ago, i hardly consume any animal/dairy products and reduced my fish intake. not only for the poor farming conditions and the mistreating of the animals, but to produce animal products there is an insane amount of water used, lots of deforestation, wild life destruction, species extinction and so on. just by eating a burger so much harm has been done in the world just to produce it.


5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give our worn. readers who are interested to buy better?

quality over quantity. you don’t need lots of clothes to be stylish, just the right pieces. invest in a beautiful garment that brings you joy that also leads to less clothing production and is better for our beautiful planet.

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