meet the muse. rosie fortescue.

By Kelsey Norris


1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favourites?

my chloe skirt i bought from the pop up was such a dream buy. i have literally 'worn' it to death. i have my eyes on the hermes sandals and anything colourful. most recently i have been living in my alberta ferretti rainbow week jumper. 

2. pre-loved fashion. what does it mean for you?

 i love that it has a story. nothing better than finding something at great value that you know not all of your friends will be wearing!  

3. role models. what brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards sustainable futures inspiring you lately?

you guys are my inspiration. i am so inspired by hard working boss women!

4. changing more than outfits. what are some of the ways that you apply eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle?

i limit my spending on the high street and try and re-work items in my wardrobe. it's such a great feeling to wear something that you bought years ago but giving it a new twist. i also support susutainable brands like worn. and pangaia. 

5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give our worn. readers who are interested to buy better?

experiment with your wardrobe. re-invent what you have with accessories and style it in a different way to give it a new feel. be experimental and create your own style!

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