meet the muse. sydney piercey.

By Kelsey Norris

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favourites?

the alexander wang jacket with open back is incredible- would wear with tiny top underneath for date night or girls night, or over a loose tshirt. rolling stones jumper for comfy casual, rat & boa dresses for weddings or smart dinner. so many pieces bring me joy!

2. pre-loved fashion. what does it mean for you?

we’ve been loaned this world by the last generation and are looking after it for the next. pre loved fashion is so reflective of that. its about pieces that have been loved and enjoyed being passed on for more of the same.

 3. role models. what brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards sustainable futures inspiring you lately? 

kamso kids is a gorgeous and ethical childrenswear brand founded by an amazing woman and mother, who i went to uni with. hearing her speak about not only the brand - but the artisans who create the pieces and the environment she ensures she creates for them to work in - is very inspiring. sarah shabacon of boheme goods also inspires me. i have gotten some beautiful pre-loved pieces for my home from her company.

4. changing more than outfits. how are you applying eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle? 

i tend to think about waste the most. i’ll make a little less food so that if my family are still hungry afterwards we make more rather than throw out what was not eaten and get creative using leftovers to make new meals. more recently, we've turned recycling materials into toys - pizza boxes have become ferris wheels and boxes have become camping sites. it's fun, doesn’t cost anything more, is kinder to the environment and puts a smile on my girls’ faces. passing down clothes and sharing outfits with friends is another one! my youngest has very few items of clothing that were not my eldest’s first. in fact she also wears clothes that were her father's. my mother in law is incredible at keeping things! 


5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give our worn. readers who are interested to buy better?

buying better for me is about longevity. how much wear can i get from a piece, how many different ways can i wear it and will it still have a place in my wardrobe/ on me in the years to come. i’ve had two pregnancies in the last three years but there have been pieces that i’ve been able to wear throughout. i have a lot of love for the leather jacket, good footwear – love a chunky boot. also basics such as black jeans and a classic white t-shirt which is then interchangeable under a dress or with jeans / shorts. things like that which you can then build on.

6. mum knows best. we would love for you to share with us some of the values you are teaching your children. what are you educating them on about the world?

there are so many values and morals i want to send them out into the world with to be utterly fully equipped.. i think very high up there is kindness. kindness to each other, to themselves, to the world we live in. with my girls being so small, and my 2 year old at the ‘why’ stage of life, i’m constantly explaining my actions to her, or her actions to her. it’s actually great at reinforcing 'why' i’m teaching them what i am teaching them. why it's important to share. to love. to be honest. to say we are sorry. and a million and one other things you want your children to know! 

7. balanced behaviour. what helps you to stay positive and upbeat whilst raising two young girls?

they do! along with my husband, my team mate, in the wondrous madness of it all! they are 100% my biggest gift and source of joy. music, practicing gratitude, long walks watching sunsets and sunrises also keep me positive. we love living room dance parties and kitchen raves. we transform the task of doing laundry by listening to notorious b.i.g. and and enjoy dinner over jazz on our record player. i love how walking the dogs gets me out in the fresh air every day. another fun one - certain instagram feeds! one of my favourites is @wetheurban- if i need to set my mind right, that’ll be the first account i head to. 

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