meet the muse. zara martin.

By Kelsey Norris

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favorites?

the chanel crop jacket and a lady dior


2. pre-loved fashion. why is it important to you? 

i think elegance is timeless - and timeless is sustainable! 


3. role models. who are the brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards more sustainable futures that are inspiring you lately?

deborah lyons.

 4. changing more than outfits. how are you applying eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle?

i’m trying very hard to cut down on single use plastic and i’m working with project zero  - an organisation that works tirelessly to protect our oceans!

5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give to our worn. readers interested in buying better?

 don’t be too attached to ‘what’s hot this season' - be more interested in quality and cut. if you invest well you can wear those pieces until the end of time.     

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