meet the muse. joanna and sarah halpin.

By Kelsey Norris

1. must-haves. which worn. pieces are currently your top favourites?

now that we’ve transitioned into autumn, we’re favouriting some of the chunkier knits and sweaters. there’s also a couple of Celine bags we have our eyes on.

2. pre-loved fashion. what does it mean for you?

It’s changing the way we approach and think about fashion; placing an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship whilst removing this notion that everything is replaceable, disposable. shopping sustainably couldn’t be more important right now and this shift in attitude makes pre-loved and secondhand finds even more special - we often find that vintage clothing fits the best!


3. role models. what brands or individuals pioneering the movement towards sustainable futures inspiring you lately?

a couple of years ago we were featured on a stacey dooley BBC documentary where she took to educating the public on just how damaging the fast-fashion industry is. a truly eye opening experience which made us seriously (re)consider our consumption and the way in which we shop. in london each year we try to visit the sustainable fabric expo which is incredibly insightful and we would recommend to anyone. it’s a great chance to hear about brands and individuals pioneering this movement and their forward / creative ways of thinking.

4. changing more than outfits. what are some of the ways that you apply eco-friendly awareness into your lifestyle?

re-cycling, reducing and re-using wherever possible. Thinking about how and where you shop is one thing, but consciously discarding your unwanted items often feels overlooked - if things aren’t worth reselling or rehoming we make sure to take these to textile bins (& other stories is a great example of a brand encouraging this!) we try to shop organically and mostly eat a plant-based diet. avoiding plastic has become a must, so making sure we always have a tote bag to hand and a re-usable coffee cup.

5. we love your fashion sense. what style advice can you give our worn. readers who are interested to buy better?

so many pieces in our wardrobes belonged to our mother, grandmother (and even grandfather) so we’ve both grown up with the mentality of these being our most cherished and one-of-a-kind pieces. less is always more; invest in quality and try not to be swayed by seasons, trends and mass influence. the industry has made us all believe we need to constantly be buying more and new... but we don’t. 

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